Imagine if a company of people showed the way for the world to interact in unity with the tangible, life changing presence of God just through being loving friends with each other. People from all walks of ministry endeavor, but with a common heart beat to bring the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth – in our part of the earth, and to influence beyond our part of the earth – so that all people might truly know Him who gave everything for us.

Imagine if when we gathered encouragement was at the forefront of our purpose. Encouraging the heart of God with our worship and our loving pursuit of him. Encouraging one another forward into our unique identities. Encouraging each other to engage with the Holy Spirit every day in every situation.

Imagine if this multiplied into a net of like-hearted believers who linked arms across the nation so that every region was impacted by love. If we laid down our need to be first, to be noticed, to be in control, and let God be first, be noticed, be in control. If we pursued encounter with the Holy Spirit and honoured his presence with us in such a way that the lost found their purpose, the sick were healed, the demonized became free and clean, the broken got mended and the ‘unloved’ found a family.

And imagine if all this happened simply through honouring relationships – through ‘parakleting’ one another – walking alongside each other and cheering each other along. Utilizing our individual gifts so that others might be built up and grow into the fullness of Christ. Everyone responsible for their own part.

Connecting Revivalists

Jesus Hub connects God-lovers together. Many of these lead churches and ministries and many of them lead new initiatives: expressions of ministry and community that haven’t been trialed before. Society is changing rapidly and as a consequence so must we, if we are to connect the hearts of coming generations with this good news. Jesus Hub offers a hub of connection for people leading experimental expressions of worship that may not fit into conventional structures or existing denominational networks, right alongside, and in friendship with, existing churches and ministries.



Jesus Hub is led by Jenny Sharkey. For the last thirty years Jenny has been involved in multiple expressions of Christian ministry including overseas mission, youth leadership, at-risk youth care, pastoral counselling, church planting, and senior church leadership. Jenny has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and completed her thesis with an effectiveness study on Holy Spirit based therapy (Refocussing). You can find out more about Jenny at jennysharkey.org. Jenny’s husband Glen is a professional leadership speaker and trainer working with businesses throughout New Zealand. Together they have three grown children and live in New Zealand.

Jenny (3)

Jenny Sharkey


Jesus Hub has a board of advisors who provide support, guidance and accountability to the vision of the movement. Our board consists of: Wayne Hughes (His Heart ministry), Julie Calvert (Healing Rooms NZ) and David and Sue Collins. This board is well experienced in leading nation-wide movements and in simply loving people.

Wayne Hughes

Wayne Hughes

David and Sue Collins

Julie Calvert

Julie Calvert


Jesus Hub’s priorities are: 1. Christ’s Great Commandments: to love God and to love each other, and 2. His Great Commission: to share the good news of His incredible gift of complete and holistic salvation with all people.

GOD: Is our Father

We believe God is One eternal, self-existent Being who reveals Himself in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is and has always been family. God is our creator and our dad and Jesus – his Son – made a way for us to reconnect with him as his children. Not only that –the Holy Spirit is with us now and keeps on showing us what a Father is really like! We believe that God’s love is at the very heart of the Christian message. We believe in the power of love, that God is love, and that everything gets its worth from love.

JESUS: Is our Saviour

We recognise that the journey to understand love starts with connecting with God. As we connect with our Creator we find out who we are and his presence makes us whole. We believe Jesus came to connect us back into relationship with the Father. Jesus turned up as a Saviour because people needed saving. Sin had broken down our connection with God and nothing we could do could mend that. Jesus came as the perfect sacrifice – born of a virgin, living a sinless life, God as man, and he gave His flawless life in place of our broken lives, so that we could be reunited with God forever. Everything was accomplished at the cross, and brought to fullness through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. How amazing is that!!!

HOLY SPIRIT: Is our Empowerer

When Jesus returned to heaven he left the Holy Spirit is with us. We believe that Christ’s message is full of power and hope and life and that the Holy Spirit comes alongside us to empower us to know and live the kind of life Jesus said we should be living. Abundant life! So we make it our life purpose to love and lean on the power of the Holy Spirit. We expect the Holy Spirit to turn up among us as we gather and seek him. We believe that people were created to co-labour with the Holy Spirit so that we would “grow up into Christ’s fullness” and multiply his purposes on the earth.  We know that with God – nothing is impossible.

PEOPLE: Are Significant

We know that God sent the Son, who laid down his life in love for us. The greatest price possible was paid for our redemption. The power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead resides in us so we persevere into the promise of greater things. We know that each one of us is significant, each one is a minister, and we are all a part of a Kingdom so incredible our minds cannot yet comprehend it! We believe that each person is responsible to know God and find their purpose in him. Jesus showed us the incredible value of each individual, and at the same time Jesus did everything in team. God is team.  You and the Holy Spirit are team, and God has placed us as individuals together in a body. We believe it is only possible to truly reflect his nature to the world when we do it together in loving, healthy family where there is trust, honour, humility, forgiveness, and teachability.

TRUTH: The Bible is our Foundation

We believe the Bible is inspired by God and so we put our trust in the words of God as the foundation for our beliefs. The Bible tells us that obedience to what God asks of us is one of the greatest ways to show him love, so we get our minds around the power of his words and instructions to us. We love, we pray, we worship, we give, we serve and we do it with all our hearts, because God is worth it and his truths are eternal. We believe the truth sets us free and that truth is found in Jesus. Jesus lives in total freedom and total love and this Good News changes our lives.