At Jesus Hub we are especially focused on encouraging leaders and helping them to network together in life-long supportive relationships. We know so many leaders who give so generously and sacrificially to others day by day, and yet so rarely get given into themselves. Jesus Hub is about cheering these wonderful ones on in their endeavors, and supporting them in an affirming and loving community.


We specifically encourage leaders through regular gatherings of like-hearted Christian pastors and ministry leaders for community, encounter with God, fun and prophetic encouragement.

These ministry leaders’ gatherings currently happen in homes, usually over a supper, in New Zealand. We get time to catch up with friends and meet new ones, and we usually end by praying and prophesying over each other. It’s a time of infilling with God’s Spirit, and encouragement and support of one another. Currently we meet locally in Auckland and Christchurch, NZ. If you live outside these cities you are welcome to join many who are taking the option to Skype in with us as we meet.

There is no agenda other than friendship. No denomination leads this, there is no expectation of ongoing commitment to it, no fees to pay. This is purely amazing people connecting together with other amazing people to be inspired and strengthened in the great works you are all doing, and in God’s adventures for us all in pouring out his Spirit on our nation.


If you are fore-running a unique expression of God’s Kingdom on earth we would love to connect with you. We are creating discussion channels currently to allow people with a heart to fore-run new expressions to connect and encourage each other, and to allow greater creative thinking about Kingdom expression in NZ in the coming decades.


Jesus Hub also runs a facebook group where prophetic encouragement is posted regularly and leaders can connect and prophesy over each other. This facebook group is specifically for people who: lead a church, are in a leadership role in a church, who lead some form of para-church ministry, or who have led ministries but are currently in a period of “rest”.

Prophetic words from recognized prophetic voices are regularly put up on the group page and people are encouraged to add testimonies of God’s goodness there. The facebook group is an easy way for us to keep in touch and connect with other like-hearted leaders.

Generally we ask existing members of the group to add in people so that we keep the connections relational, so if you know someone already in the group please ask them to add you.


Jesus Hub runs a facebook page followed by thousands of people from all around the world which posts regular encouragements aimed at inspiring people in their Christian faith.

You can like the facebook page by clicking here.


Jesus Hub also has it’s own YouTube channel where you can view real life testimonies, interviews and teachings.

You can watch videos by clicking here.


For more information regarding ways we can serve you please contact us with clear details on what you need:

Jenny Sharkey at [email protected]