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We hope you are encouraged by God’s presence and power in the stories of those touched by His love below. As you listen we pray that you too will experience His presence and power for whatever need you might have.

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Partial Deafness Healing

Partial deafness in both ears healed at the recent Manifest Presence Conference in Auckland.

Calf Muscle Healing

Bill had been a professional rodeo rider and had done permanent damage to his calf muscles as a result. In a healing meeting recently he was radically healed. He said he felt like rubberbands were pinging through his calves and the permanent pain he had has now permanently gone!!

 Tendonitis Healing

This young guy was our waiter in Raleigh. He was in pain serving us so Glen prayed for him – “laying on of hands” as he states, and all the pain left.

Partial Deafness and Shoulder Healing

David and Tracey prayed for this man’s shoulder pain and partial deafness – check out what happened!

Knee Healing Testimony

Glen met this young man at the mall and offered to pray for healing for his injured knee. He left with a smile from ear to ear.

Epilepsy Healing

This precious woman came to a meeting for prayer and the Spirit of God deeply impacted her. Jamie prayed for her and a week later she shared the amazing thing that happened for her…

Shoulder Healing

We were standing in line and Jenny started talking to this cool guy. He mentioned he had a shoulder injury that was taking him out of professional sport. We prayed for him and the pain moved down his arm and off him.

Foot Healing

This woman was listening to Glen share some testimonies and while she was listening God healed her!

Dislocated Shoulder Healed

This young man came to a healing meeting. There was a word of knowledge for shoulder damage. His shoulder was dislocated a few years ago and healed sticking out in the wrong place. During prayer with Glen it moved back into place and was healed.

Glory Cloud Healing

Kris Kildosher talks to us about the glory of God tangibly falling during prayer for healing.

Neck Healing

Jamie prayed for Dave’s neck and he got his flexibility back!

Treasure Hunting Advice From the Pros

Josh Stevens and Kris Kildosher share their experiences and thoughts on treasure hunting.

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Heaven Invading

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Heaven Invading: 22/9/13

Wow – some stunning answered prayers in this last month. We have close friends who had an amazing story unfold as a result of them pressing in to the knowledge of God’s overwhelming goodness. Though they really had so little anyway they felt God tell them to give everything they had away. They faithfully obeyed, knowing that He is good and everything we give is so small compared to His incomparable gift of His own life to us. Within a few months they had a whole new adventure open up before them where everything they gave has been replaced with even more abundance than what they ever had to start with. Truly it is a season of open doors if we will press in prayerfully after His goodness!

Open Doors: 11/8/13

It seems to us that August has heralded a new season of open doors for many people. It’s been hard working getting here for many but now a new season is opening up. God is a God of new beginnings! He gives us a new beginning when we are born again in Him. So we welcome this new season and bless you to also have new doors opening before you.

Interestingly – just after writing this I read this prophetic post by Johnny Enlow: Just been feeling the Father’s heart- that there are so many of you that are really close to an incredible breakthrough. He is so committed to getting you to the next level that He has thrown you into the deep end of the pool where you are having to exercise limbs and muscles that you didn’t need much before. You are going from surviving to thriving. From victim to deliverer. From barely hanging on to relentlessly apprehending. You’ve felt a deep grip of fear and despaired for your very life- but you’re just learning to swim in water where your feet can’t touch the bottom. Once you get over the panic of not being able to touch ‘normal comfort levels’ you are ready to function in the expanded water level that is destined to bring healing the nations. See- He has released the Ez. 47 river to the next level and He is grooming Reformers. Stay engaged and don’t quit. Your questions marks are about to be become exclamation marks!!!

Revival is Here!: 25/6/13

We attended Randy Clark and Chris Gore’s conference last week. Chris reminded us that revival is actually here. The Holy Spirit lives within us and everywhere He goes revival goes with Him. He is the ultimate revivalist!

Listening to Randy and Chris’s stories revival is certainly evident all round the world. WOW – some amazing testimonies of God’s goodness. Miraculous healings and provisions.

It has also reminded me of the critical value of surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to remember who God is and what He is wanting to do to empower each and every life that is surrendered to Him. So who are you spending your time with?

Revival is Coming: 3/5/13

I was reminded by a friend today of Bobby Conner’s prophetic word for New Zealand in 2003. He proclaimed that ‘when it snows in Auckland, that is the sign of eminent revival’. Well it has snowed in Auckland and I believe we are in the early stages of a great revival in our beautiful nation.

I’ve been studying New Zealand’s revival history and finding it so encouraging. It seems far too few people realise the impact Christianity has had upon this nation – let alone the fact that we stewarded one of the most significant revival’s here that the world has ever seen.

In a matter of months around 1840 the Christian population of New Zealand went from a few hundred to 30,000 people!!! An outrageous outpouring of revival!! Over 2/3 of the New Zealand population became Christians. CRAZY COOL!!!!

This is our testimony as a nation and the word “testimony” means “to do it again”. God has done it before but he wants to do it again and even more than has been seen before. Get ready for one of the most outrageous outpourings of his Spirit we have ever seen!!

God is GOOD! 16/9/12

In our home we have a saying when we see a beautiful sunset – we call it a “sunset of promise”. It’s a reminder to us that every day is a gift from God filled with promise of His goodness. There is not a day that goes by without indicators of His unfailing kindness and love to us. The worst day on earth cannot escape the touch of His goodness. And that is why we are filled with hope and hope will not disappoint us!

With God we are never running short on hope. It’s impossible to not have hope when we have Him! How amazing is that! My hope is in Him – that’s like having a million bucks in the bank!!!

Even Stephen when he was falsely accused and being stoned to death was filled with a literal vision of hope. Acts 6 and 7 says his face looked like an angel and he saw heaven open above him with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Hope is so powerful – it must give the devil the runs!!!

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Heaven Invading

Sep 6th 2012 in News


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