If you would like to know more about Jesus then there are plenty of resources here to find out about Him. Or if you need material to help others find their way in God…take a look below.



If you are exploring Christianity, are a new Christian, or want to help seekers and new Christians to understand the faith, then these materials are just what you need!

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Following Jesus: Christianity for Beginners 

“Following Jesus” delivers the basic foundations of Christianity in a simple to follow illustrated format. 20 chapters take you through from a general inquiry into the reality and trustworthiness of God, who God is, what Jesus has done to reconnect us into God’s family, and how we can live a life of fullness in his love through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Following Jesus: Facilitators Manual

This easy to use workbook is the facilitator companion to the “Following Jesus” participant manual. It provides 20 in-depth sessions with notes and activities making it super easy for you to lead a group or individual through the basics of being a Christian.

Contents include a review of all the major theological components of Christianity in an easy to follow illustrated format.

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Following Jesus: Participant’s Manual

This easy to use workbook is the participant companion to the “Following Jesus” facilitator manual. It provides 20 sessions with room for note-taking and activities making it super easy for you to work through the basics of being a Christian.

Contents include a review of all the major theological components of Christianity in an easy to follow illustrated format.

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A Glimpse of Eternity

“A Glimpse of Eternity” is the incredible true story of one man’s encounter with death and the realms beyond it. Stung by five box jellyfish while diving off the coast of Mauritius, Ian McCormack later died in hospital and was dead for 15-20 minutes. During this time he experienced both hell and heaven and came back to tell the story! Dying was Ian’s doorway to true life and his story is transforming lives around the world as it touches on some of the deepest questions we all eventually ask.

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A Brief History of Revival in New Zealand

This book outlines a brief timeline based history of Christian revival movements and outpourings in the nation of New Zealand.

New Zealand has an incredible history of revival. These stories are our testimony and — “the testimony about Jesus is essentially the prophetic spirit.” (Revelation 19:10, The Voice Version). It is my understanding that our testimonies of Jesus moving among us in the past release the prophecy of what he can and will do among us in the future—and even greater things than these. So my prayer is that as you read about the wonderful things that have already happened in New Zealand—and maybe even where you live—you will have hope renewed for what he is about to release in our era for a new generation. May the ancient wells of revival be reopened that the water of life may flow across our free land!


Defining Your Purpose

Every person wants a purpose that gives their life meaning and satisfaction. Human beings are happiest, healthiest and most at peace when they are functioning in a role that feels purposeful and that they feel competent at. They are also able to cope better with life’s problems and challenges and in the workplace this correlates with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Understanding our life purpose and aligning it with our intrinsic talents helps us to find our “sweet spot” – the place where we can live our best life. We are all born with intrinsic skills and talents that are completely unique to us. This course seeks to define and clarify your key skills, talents, traits and passions to align them into a motivating and effective life purpose. By the completion of this manual you will have: A clearer understanding of what makes you “tick”. A strategy for aligning your talents, skills and passions into a plan for your future.

Defining your purpose
Defining your purpose