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We hope you are encouraged by God’s presence and power in the stories of those touched by His love below. As you listen we pray that you too will experience His presence and power for whatever need you might have.

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Partial Deafness Healing

Partial deafness in both ears healed at the recent Manifest Presence Conference in Auckland.

Calf Muscle Healing

Bill had been a professional rodeo rider and had done permanent damage to his calf muscles as a result. In a healing meeting recently he was radically healed. He said he felt like rubberbands were pinging through his calves and the permanent pain he had has now permanently gone!!

 Tendonitis Healing

This young guy was our waiter in Raleigh. He was in pain serving us so Glen prayed for him – “laying on of hands” as he states, and all the pain left.

Partial Deafness and Shoulder Healing

David and Tracey prayed for this man’s shoulder pain and partial deafness – check out what happened!

Knee Healing Testimony

Glen met this young man at the mall and offered to pray for healing for his injured knee. He left with a smile from ear to ear.

Epilepsy Healing

This precious woman came to a meeting for prayer and the Spirit of God deeply impacted her. Jamie prayed for her and a week later she shared the amazing thing that happened for her…

Shoulder Healing

We were standing in line and Jenny started talking to this cool guy. He mentioned he had a shoulder injury that was taking him out of professional sport. We prayed for him and the pain moved down his arm and off him.

Foot Healing

This woman was listening to Glen share some testimonies and while she was listening God healed her!

Dislocated Shoulder Healed

This young man came to a healing meeting. There was a word of knowledge for shoulder damage. His shoulder was dislocated a few years ago and healed sticking out in the wrong place. During prayer with Glen it moved back into place and was healed.

Glory Cloud Healing

Kris Kildosher talks to us about the glory of God tangibly falling during prayer for healing.

Neck Healing

Jamie prayed for Dave’s neck and he got his flexibility back!

Treasure Hunting Advice From the Pros

Josh Stevens and Kris Kildosher share their experiences and thoughts on treasure hunting.

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